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ABT Certified Professional Henna Course (3 Days or 4 weeks)


From Novice to Pro: Advance Your Henna Skills from the Comfort of Your Home

Age Requirement: 16 and above / No prior experience necessary.

Time Options: 3-day course: 10 am to 3 pm
– 4-week course (1 day a week): 6 pm to 9 pm

Location: Learn Henna in the cozy setting of your own home.

Henna Course Kit: We provide henna cones and all study materials.

About Your Henna Instructor: A Level 3 PTLLS Qualified Trainer

– Over two decades of experience as a Bridal Henna Artist
– 13 years of dedicated henna teaching

Student Support:
– Ongoing assistance for your learning journey

Business Support:
– Unlock continuous business support and the opportunity to become a valued member of our team.

**Comprehensive  Beginners to Advance level Henna Course Content**

The Basics of Fresh Henna
– Understand the importance of fresh henna powder and learn how to make henna from scratch.

Javeys’ Tried and Tested Recipe
– Discover Javeys’ own henna recipe, perfected through years of experience.

DIY Henna Cones
– Explore how to make your own henna cones, gaining hands-on experience in the process.

Pinning Precision

– Recognize the significance of pin thickness in crafting perfect henna cones and learn how to roll them effectively.

Cones Crafting and Selling

– Master the art of making and selling henna cones.

Hygiene Protocols

– Understand and practice essential hygiene measures throughout the henna application process.

Shapes Mastery

– Begin your henna journey by mastering basic shapes, starting with dots and lines, circles, teardrops shapes which are very important for henna decoration.

Printouts for Practice

– Utilize practice printouts for extensive henna practice.

Diverse Henna Styles
– Explore a variety of henna styles, including Indian/Pakistani, Arabic, Mandala designs, Inverse Henna, Funfair, EID small designs, and henna tattoos.

Historical Insights
– Delve into the history and origin of henna, gaining valuable background information.

Client Consultation and Skin Analysis

– Learn how to conduct client consultations and analyze skin for optimal henna application.

Appointment Preparation
– Understand the steps involved in preparing for a henna appointment.

Pattern Fundamentals
– Grasp the fundamentals of henna patterns, including waves, circles, dots, and fan-style henna.

Henna cone Holding and Pressure Control Techniques
– Develop expertise in controlling henna pressure for varied designs.

Homework Significance
– Emphasize the importance of regular homework to refine henna skills.

Advanced Designs
– Progress to advanced designs, including 3D effects, party henna, heavy party designs, and semi-bridal designs.

Additional Learning
– Receive insights into aftercare advice for clients, the importance of social media in advertising, and effective business management, including advertising, taking bookings, and setting prices.

Pricing Mastery
– Learn the art of setting prices for party henna, overcoming the fear of charging reasonable/higher prices.

No Model Needed
– Experience the unique approach of not requiring a model; instead, practice on A4 or A3 papers.

Assessment Process
– There is no pass or fail; students are assessed on a daily basis for continuous improvement.

Personalized Learning
– All courses are conducted on a one-to-one basis, ensuring personalized attention.

Provided Materials
– All necessary products for the henna course are provided; students only need to bring a notepad and a camera for portfolio pictures.


Completing Javeys’ Henna Course can lead to various exciting opportunities and career paths depending on your goals, dedication, and aspirations. Here are some potential avenues:

Professional Henna Artist
– The most direct path is becoming a professional henna artist. You can offer your services for various occasions, including weddings, parties, festivals, and events where henna course graduates can charge from £8 to £30 per hand per side or charge hourly rate from £30 to£100

Bridal Henna Specialist
– If you specialize in bridal henna during the course, you can establish yourself as a bridal henna specialist, catering to brides and grooms for their special occasions. Henna Graduates can charge from £120 to £500

– Launching your own henna business is a common route. This might involve setting up a studio, offering mobile henna services, or even starting an online business.

Collaborations and Events
– Participate in events, collaborate with other artists or businesses, and showcase your skills at local festivals or markets. This exposure can lead to more opportunities and clients.

Social Media Influencer

– Leverage social media to showcase your henna artistry. If you gain a substantial following, you could become a social media influencer in the henna art niche, leading to collaborations and sponsored opportunities.

Product Development
– Develop and sell henna-related products, such as your own line of henna cones or unique henna design stencils.

Global Opportunities
– With the right marketing and networking, you might even get opportunities to offer your services internationally, especially if you specialize in culturally specific styles.

Combining Henna with Other Arts
– Integrate henna artistry with other artistic skills you may have, such as photography, makeup artistry, or fashion design.

Art Therapy and Wellness Explore using henna art for therapeutic purposes, such as in wellness programs or art therapy sessions.

Remember that success often involves continuous learning, building a strong portfolio, networking, and maintaining professionalism in your interactions with clients. The skills you acquire in the course, combined with dedication and creativity, can open up a multitude of opportunities in the vibrant world of henna artistry.

24. **Course Fee and Payment Options:**
– The course fee is £600, with a £100 deposit required to secure the date.
– Payment options include cash, bank transfer

Embark on your henna journey with Javeys, where skill-building is a comprehensive and enriching experience.

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