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ABT Certified Advance Bridal Henna Artist Course


Indian Style Bridal Henna Artistry Course

ENDORSEMENT:  Accredited by ABT Beauty Awarding Body
Prerequisites: Designed for existing henna artists
Locations: Conveniently conducted at the student’s chosen venue
Duration/Time: 1-Day Fast Track from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
Class Size: One Student per Class

Course Highlights

– Understand the significance of henna cone quality for impeccable bridal henna artistry.

– Explore the use of different pin sizes for creating diverse figurative art with henna cones.

– Draw inspiration from Instagram-famous Indian-style bride and groom pictures, elephants, music elements, mandala lotus and much more to enhance your bridal henna designs.

– Master the art of bridal henna arms grids and filling, as well as crafting intricate borders for stunning designs.

– Create mirror-image bridal henna designs, and gain insights into measuring designs for feet and arms.

– Incorporate cultural richness with elephant motifs and other elements typical of Indian-style wedding henna.

– Perfect your technique with professional shading methods, adding depth and dimension to your bridal henna artistry.

**Unlock the Art of Bridal Henna with Javeys’ Advanced Course**

After two decades of staying at the forefront of bridal henna trends, I’m thrilled to share my Indian-style henna and bridal mehendi expertise with aspiring artists like you. While hours of YouTube videos offer insights, true mastery comes from hands-on practice.

**Why Choose the Advanced Bridal Henna Course?**

Designed for experienced henna artists aspiring to master the latest heavy bridal techniques straight from India, this course delves into advanced bridal henna artistry. This isn’t a beginner’s guide; students should come equipped with knowledge of natural henna applicators and cones.

**What You’ll Learn in Advance Bridal Henna course :**

– Importance of Henna Cone Quality
– Proper Pins for Henna Cones
– Creating 3D Effects (Thin and Thick Lines)
– Party Henna Designs
– Heavy Party Designs
– Semi-Bridal Designs
– Bridal Arms Grids and Filling
– Bridal Borders
– Mirror Image Bridal Henna Designs
– Feet/Arms Design Measurement
– Elephant and Wedding Henna Elements
– Drawing Pictures with Henna (Figure Art)
– 3D Bridal Henna Techniques
– Professional Style Shading Techniques
– Aftercare Advice for Clients
– Significance of Social Media Advertising
– Business Management, Advertising, Booking, Pricing
– Access to Makeup Pro Discounts
– Customer Interaction Skills
– Importance of Deposits

– **No Need for a Model:** Practice on A4 or A3 papers provided.
– **No Pass or Fail:** Continuous assessment throughout the course.
– **Individual Attention:** One student per class.
– **Materials Provided:** All henna products are supplied; bring a notepad and a camera for your portfolio pictures.

Join me in this immersive journey where you’ll not only refine your henna artistry but also gain insights into the business aspects of being a successful henna artist.

Ready to elevate your skills? Enroll now!

Highlighting for a Bridal Henna Course:

Indian and Pakistani Techniques

– Learn the intricacies of both Indian and Pakistani bridal henna styles, exploring the cultural nuances that make each unique.

3D Bridal Henna

– Dive into advanced techniques, mastering the creation of three-dimensional effects that add depth and richness to bridal henna designs.

Mandala Designs

– Explore the art of Mandala designs, incorporating intricate patterns that symbolize unity, harmony, and balance.

Professional Shading Techniques

– Develop expertise in shading, a crucial skill for adding dimension and realism to bridal henna patterns.

Bridal Arms Grids and Filling

– Understand the strategic placement of bridal henna patterns on arms, including grids and filling techniques for a cohesive and stunning result.

Business Management

– Gain insights into the business side of bridal henna, from pricing strategies and advertising to booking management and customer relations.

Aftercare for Bridal Henna Clients– Learn how to provide comprehensive aftercare guidance to clients, ensuring the longevity and vibrancy of their bridal henna designs.

Cultural Significance

– Understand the cultural and historical significance of bridal henna, enriching your understanding and appreciation of this ancient art form.

Hands-On Practice

– Engage in extensive hands-on practice sessions, refining your skills under guidance to ensure mastery of the techniques taught.

Portfolio Building

– Capture your creations through photography, developing a portfolio that showcases your evolving expertise as a bridal henna artist.

Homework and Practice

– Recognize the importance of continuous practice and homework assignments, ensuring that your skills evolve and become both neat and intricate over time.

Exclusive Access to Techniques

– Acquire exclusive techniques used by professionals in the industry, ensuring that you stand out as a skilled bridal henna artist.

Social Media Advertising

– Understand the significance of leveraging social media for advertising your bridal henna services, reaching a wider audience and building a client base.

Overcoming Pricing Challenges

– Overcome any hesitations about charging reasonable or higher prices, learning the value of your skill and artistry in the bridal henna industry.

No Model Required

– Benefit from a unique learning approach where bringing a model is unnecessary; practice sessions involve working on A4 or A3 papers.

50 pages Culmination of Various Patterns

– Learn how to join different patterns seamlessly, creating a flow that enhances the overall beauty of your bridal henna designs.

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