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ONLINE ABT Certified Professional Henna Course


Online Beginners to Advanced level henna course.

Your Henna Skills from the Comfort of Your Home Online or in person one to one classes

16 +

4-week course (1 day a week): 6 pm to 9 pm

Online henna course Location: online

Learn Henna in the cozy setting of your own home.

Henna Course Kit: provided

A Level 3 PTLLS Qualified Trainer teaching henna since 2010

– Over two decades of experience as a Bridal Henna Artist

Henna Student Support after the courses



Comprehensive Beginners to Advance level Henna Course

Javeys exclusive online henna course.

Learn henna with this structured henna course at the comfort of your home.

Grow your henna skills Online in-depth, hands-on.

Perfect foundation to become a professional henna artist

Javeys Online Henna Course learn henna in fun and easy to learn steps.

Give yourself 1 Day of therapy each week.

The Basics of Fresh Henna.

Learn Javeys’ Tried and Tested Recipe

DIY Henna Cones.

Perfect tip size

Henna Hygiene

Practice Diverse Henna styles eg Indian, Pakistani, Arabic designs

Explore a variety of henna styles, including Indian/Pakistani, Arabic, Mandala designs, Inverse Henna, Funfair, EID small designs, and henna tattoos.

Client Consultation and Skin Analysis

Appointment Preparation

Fundamentals of henna patterns, including waves, circles, dots, and fan-style henna.

Henna cone Holding and Pressure Control Techniques.

Practice/Homework Significance .

Advanced Henna Designs

– Progress to advanced designs, including 3D effects, party henna, heavy party designs, and semi-bridal designs

Henna after care .

Online Henna course Assessment Process

– There is no pass or fail; students are assessed on a daily basis for continuous improvement

Online henna course Materials will be posted to the students

Completing Javeys’ Henna Course can lead to various exciting opportunities and career paths depending on your goals, dedication, and aspirations. Here are some potential avenues:

Professional Henna Artist

– The most direct path is becoming a professional henna artist. You can offer your services for various occasions, including weddings, parties, festivals, and events where henna course graduates can charge from £8 to £30 per hand per side or charge hourly rate from £30 to£100

Bridal Henna Specialist

– If you specialize in bridal henna during the course, you can establish yourself as a bridal henna specialist, catering to brides and grooms for their special occasions. Henna Graduates can charge from £120 to £1000 depending on their passion.

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