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Party , Bridal Makeup and hair styling bookings 

£50 per person none refundable deposit is needed to secure the date and time. We do not hold the dates and times for more than a day. Outstanding is payable on the day before the service start. Services charges are negotiable only at the time of booking on the day, there will be no discussion of the price. Any payment/deposit is non refundable If a client cancels the appointment. Appointment can be adjusted to another booking subject to date and time availability. Travel Charges, paring tickets are payable by the client.

We take our appointments very seriously, but due to any reason, covid related or weather conditions, traffic jam, accidents or any other reason, We will try our best to provide another artist. If an alternative makeup artist is not available we will give full refund of the amount. If client cancels booking, Makeup /hair or Henna appointment, Deposit is none refundable. Covid related cancellations will be refunded 50%.  Punctuality is very importance to ensure your day goes smooth and you get to attend the function in time.  For any reason if a client is late, Javeys will not be liable if the services are rushed, Delayed.Kids are not allowed in Javeys studio. if its necessary, We will not be responsible.

Mobile Services 

Please Make sure we set up on ground floor.Area needs to be well lit.One chair and table should be provided. In these uncertain times with covid situation,No more than one client in the room.  Please understand that party hair and makeup services are different from bridal Makeup. In order to save your time on the actual day, We recommend  to have pictures ideas in hand on the booking, Trials” for party hair and make up can be booked  ,in order to save deciding time on the actual day.

Group booking Terms and conditions 

For group bookings we will allocate fair time (one hour 15 Minutes for hair and makeup ) for each client so that clients get ready on time. If one client is not present  we will move on to next one without wasting time. Its highly recommended that hair should be washed, dried and untangled, before the actual appointment. If client is providing used extensions, make sure they are use able and untangled. Skin has to be make up free and moisturized.  Group bookings take a lot of time management. When one client`s Make over is complete, they will need to take care of their make up e.g eating, sleeping after they have their hair or make up done. Any touch up will be done after we have finished with all the clients.

its not fair for the clients who are yet to be ready . We will not negotiate on prices on the date of booking. Prior booking client need to decide the look they want . Trial is highly recommended , just in case they can not have trial, they will need to send us pictures of the look they want. We can not carry everything with us all the time. Respect is the key to get good service for  any service provider .

WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY ABUSE OR BAD LANGUAGE TOWARDS OUR ASSISTANT MAKE UP ARTISTS. They reserve the right to walk off without completing the services in that case. 


Please make sure session starts on the time discussed . If for any reason you are getting late, please let us know as soon as possible.Bare in mind one client being late will affect on  next appointments 

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